Many applicants for equipment leases and loans have trouble choosing a lender. Who has the best rates? Who can get my equipment funded fast? Whether its deciding which finance company to apply with or who has the best programs, it is an important decision which can impact your business. Your concern as a buyer should be who you feel comfortable with and which lender has your best interest. At Mountain West Funding, we make every effort to make the financing process as straightforward as possible. Our ultimate goal is retaining you as our customer and exceeding your needs.

What kind of equipment financing do you offer?
Both conventional loan and lease packages are offered from $3,000 to $1,000,000. Short-term and extended financing options with two, three, four, and five year terms are available. Qualify for financing up to $150,000 simply by filling out a one-page application. Amounts in excess of $150,000 will be considered with additional financial information.

What type of businesses and equipment do you finance?
We will finance just about any type of new or used equipment or industry. We are an asset-based lender which means our security lies solely with the borrower and equipment. Whether you are a construction company purchasing a backhoe, a restaurant looking for a POS system, a fitness center acquiring treadmills, or a call center upgrade servers and software we can help. Please check out our equipment & assets page for more details.

How quick is your process?
Time is money for our customers. That is why we offer same day approvals on amounts less than $150,000. Fundings can occur in as little as 2 days depending on the variables of the transaction. Our account representatives will work diligently to get you funded on equipment as fast and quick as possible.

What are your current rates?
Rates are based on a number of variables including credit rating of the individual and/or business and type of equipment being financed. The best way to find out what current rates are is to contact us by phone or submit a quick quote.

Are your rates fixed or variable?
Our rates are fixed at the time of funding. You will know exactly what you are paying for the entire term of the financing prior to completing you transaction. Please contact our sales department about a comparison analysis.

Are offered rates competitive with my local bank?
In many instances, Mountain West Funding Group rates will be competitive if not lower than traditional bank financing. We are able to use local lines of credit which can far outweigh competitor pricing. In addition, our lines of credit provide immediate underwriting and avoid the delays associated with most bank financing. Please contact our account representatives to provide a client list with case studies.

Will you finance start-ups?
We normally finance businesses with 2 or more years in business under current ownership. Start-ups companies are considered with higher credit requirements.

What are the upfront costs?
In most market conditions cash is king. Therefore, most of our lease and loan programs are structured with minimal upfront deposits to commence funding. Our goal is to help you make money on your equipment from day 1 and hold your cash for as long as possible. For substandard credit we may ask for additional down payments (case by case basis).

Can I buy equipment from a private party?
Mountain West Funding understands that the best deals on equipment don’t always come from a dealer. We will process an equipment lease for titled or non-titled equipment from a private party.

What can I include in my equipment lease?
With our equipment lease and loan programs, you can include ‘soft costs’ such as software, sales tax, delivery, installation, and training in your financing.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns about our process please feel free to call our sales office at (877) 474-4402. We would be more than happy to advise you of your options with us.