Financing Solutions:

  • Application Only – Financing which allows the client to borrow amounts of up to $150,000 with the only requirement being the completion of a one-page application. We offer same-day credit decisions on application only financing.
  • $1 Buyout (Capital Lease/Purchase Lease)
    Lessee has rights to purchase the equipment for $1 at the end of the lease term. Ideal for customers intending to keep the equipment at the end of the lease. Also allow the customer options such as trading in the equipment or sell the equipment at the conclusion of the financing.
  • FMV Lease (Operating Lease)
    This structure provides the lessee with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for its appraised Fair Market Value, continue leasing the equipment based on its Fair Market Value, or return the equipment. The payment during the term is lower than on a lease purchase, but the cost at the end of the lease is higher. In certain cases, we can put a “cap” on the Fair Market Value of 10% of the original cost of the equipment.

EFA Programs (Non-Lease Options) are available for our customer’s that prefer traditional financing alternatives.

Other programs include:

  • Start-Up Financing
    We can provide new companies (under 2 years Time In Business) up to $50,000. Requirements include above-average personal credit of all guarantors and in most cases a larger down payment.
  • Deferred Payments:
    Allows customer the ability to generate revenue from equipment while having minimal or no payments throughout the first 3-6 months of financing. In most cases the customer will make a contact payment (ex:$100/month) during the first couple months until full payments are due.
  • Seasonal Payments:
    Program which is beneficial for companies with seasonal cash flow. This allows the customer flexibility to make either an annual payment or have lower payments a certain time in the year to compensate for cash flow and revenue issues.
  • Working Capital (Hard-Asset Collateral Only):
    Our working capital program allows the customer to pledge certain assets for working capital. Typical LTV is 60%. Our maximum allowable amount is $150,000. Hard assets and above average credit is required.